It is hard to believe that we survive day after day when we are surrounded by so many deseases, virus, bacterias an parasites that could strike anytime. Today i bring you this horribly hilarious desease: the Foreingn Accent Syndrome.

This desease is caused by injuries in the cerebellum, that controls the control of various linguistic functions.
In some cases, the injuries can cause the patient to mispronounce certain words, making it sound like an accent from a different location. In some cases it includes changing the person's slang.

A very odd case of Foreign Accent Syndrome is the case of a Norwegian woman, Astrid L., that fell into a comma after being injured during an air-raid. When she recovered from the injuries, she had a strong German accent. And she was shunned by her community.

Here's a video about the wrongly funny symptoms:
An American woman that after having severe migranes, speaks with chinese accent.

So that's all for this post, good luck not-getting horrible deseases!
If i were you i'd take better care of myself... Cheers!


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  1. the woman who has a "accent" is so much understandable, unless it's easier for me *-*

  2. Arrpii says:

    I feel pretty bad for laughing at this.
    Hilarious horribly desease indeed D:

  3. Glassroof says:

    How the helll?? Just causes a different accent? thats mad!

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