One of my [many] loves of my life is for sure Psychology, and that's why i decided to introduce it  as new weekly topic. Why i love Psychology? Simply because i love to knowing people's way of thinking about stuff, to see how much i share with them. And of course anticipating their toughts in order to manipulate them. Obviously.

Ok now, as the first 'Psych Weekly' post i got this: Color Psychology

This is really cool, because certain colors can induce certain feelings. For expample: Red is known to provide an excitement feeling as well as being symbolic to romance and evoking power. Yellow is a playful sunny color, but it also reminds anger and frustration. 
It all depends on the context in which the color is placed, as well as the intensity and tone of it.

Here are some examples of how companies apply this into their logos.

This logo reminds us of a playful, exciting evening. Accompanied with friends eating a 'nice' meal, doesn't it?
Red: Excitement, warmth.
Yellow: Fun, Optimism.

Starbucks shows green as the main color of its logo, and it's no coincidence, green represents freshness, vitality, nature abundance.
And what of those meanings could be a bad definition for a coffee shop?

What do you expect from a Financial Institution?
Answer is Simple: Reliability.

Blue is a perfect color for that, since the dark blue evokes something solid, reliable, secure. And light blue reminds of quietness, peace, and truth.

American Express' logo makes perfect sense: A solid institution but friendly and reliable.

Orange offers a dynamic, energetic look.
Orange is often in food. That's why many restaurants and food stores have orange decoration. 
Also clothing stores are decorated with orange, since it is a natural, young and fresh color.

Just like at 'orange' logo. Is fresh, young and contemporary.

So next time you enter a store or see an ad, take a look at the color psychology of it. It may prevent you from making a bad buy choice, (only guided by looks and the mood the colors put you into).

Cya ;).


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  1. lol, I dont know much about psychology but can you explain why the main theme of Communism is always red and yellow? Warmth and fun ??

  2. Toon says:

    Even though I've done graphics, I admit I don't even over think colors this much.

  3. @Linux and Life:
    It all depends in the context of it, yellow can also mean anger and fear, and red can mean agressiveness. (?)
    [This Blog has neutral political and religious views and none of the posts or comments intend to offend anyone]

  4. Arrpii says:

    I never took Psychology in school, but I've learned afterwards how interesting it really is!
    I like how company logos always looks so simple yet they have a whole science behind them.
    Looking forward to more Psych weekly!

  5. I love this!

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